National Artist
The Shrine of King Naresuan the Great

Architectural Characteristics and Details

The shrine is a traditional Thai building built of wood with gable roof and a front portico. The gable-ends are decorated with lacquered and gilded Ruay Raka Hua Nak (Ruay Raka gable element is used for covering the ends of purlins; in this case the gable-ends are also adorned with Naga's head-hence Hua Nak). The walls are constructed of simple framed timber boards. On the exterior, the gilded lacquered Krachange (decorative element made of wood with contour of the lotus bud normally stringed to create a horizontal rhythm) are used to decorate the lower edges of the shrine. The shrine is 4 metres in width and 5 metres in height. Ceilings are decorated with lacquered and gilded woodcarvings and star motifs, and the undersides of the eaves are also decorated with lacquered and gilded woodcraved ornaments. The decorative elements on the gables consist of woodcarved weapons and protective items: the historic regal helmet is placed above the crossed arms of the historic Phra Saeng Khon Ngao and the historic sword.

Reference : King Bhumidol Adulyadej and Thai Architecture.